Cheap Netbooks Under 150. Amazing Isn't It?

Fri 02 December 2016

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Finding a cheap netbook under 150 can really be a challenge if you expect to buy something that is brand new. If you check the line offered by computer manufacturers none of them offer a laptop that is priced that low. It would not be feasible for any of them to offer a netbook for such a low price point as the components itself that go into the laptops are worth much more than $ 150.

You could find some hope in the used and refurbished section however. There are many stores that offer refurbished laptops. You can find many netbooks under 150 on the internet if you search for them. Some manufacturers also offer refurbished netbooks for little more than 150 and come with a warranty too.

Netbooks are very effective and these days everybody needs a computer to connect to the internet. A netbook laptop comes in screen sizes ranging from 7 to 10 inches. They are also much lighter than laptops. A netbook laptop generally runs on Intel atom processors which were built for use in netbooks. The processing power of a netbook is not as high or fast as a laptop but is very close to it.

Most netbook laptops have a standard keyboard, a small track pad, USB ports, Network connectors and headphone and microphone jacks. As they are meant for use on the move they have built in Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. They have a 3 cell battery while some manufacturers also offer a 6 cell battery.
When considering a refurbished or used netbook make sure it is in working condition. Some sellers might try to hide issues they might be facing with same netbook and wish to get rid of it so they can have extra cash to buy a new one.

The advantage of buying it from a store is that you can use the netbook for a while and see if it works well. Boot the netbook so that you can see for yourself and take note of how long it takes to reach the desktop. Once the desktop is loaded try opening a few programs and see the response time and check if the netbook freezes.

Also check the screen for any dead pixels. Dead pixels would mean the screen is about to fail. Open a notepad or word document to check and see if all the keys on the keyboard work. After it runs for a while check the bottom of netbook to see if it overheats. If they have any of these flaws though minor you could bargain and bring the price down.

A refurbished netbook under $ 150 is a good deal at times like these when everything is expensive.

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